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  • Jennifer Reedie

Micro Moments of Creativity

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Most of the things that bring me joy are activities where I create, nurture or immerse myself in a new discovery. These things are often connected.

If you know me you know I have a passion for photography. I have several cameras but I use my iPhone daily. I see artful arrangements on an afternoon walk, I like to document the stages of a favorite recipe or capture the beauty of a hidden beach from my travels.

In the spring I like to plant new varieties of flowers and vegetables, taking mini breaks in the day for watering and weeding. During summer I take great pleasure in watching new blooms awaken migrated from my late mom’s garden from past seasons. I take their photo to capture them at their peek.

Recently I rediscovered coloring, which was a favorite pastime from my childhood. A designer on my team mentioned she had taken up adult colouring and it immediately brought up memories of spending hours with paint-by-number posters and colored pencils bringing life to black-and-white drawings in books.

When I feel the need for a break in the day I start coloring and it really helps to clear my mind, preparing me for the next imminent challenge of the day. I become immersed in applying the right pressure with the pencil, staying within the boundaries, and working section by section.

Making space in my day for micro-moments of creativity affords me a moment of peace, immersed in an experience that helps me reset.


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