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Jennifer Reedie Fractional Creative Director

My Story

My story starts with me as an only child with plenty of time to use my imagination. I built a robot out of Kleenex boxes when I was five, and haven’t stopped creating. I’ve always been fueled by the creative journey — inspired by the need for self-expression, creating something tangible from the intangible. 


When I started my career in advertising I took on things I had never done before, failing fast and figuring it out. I pivoted to digital marketing and applied the same principle to leading a digital creative team. Since then I’ve worked with over 60 clients and have built in-house creative teams in banking, global B2B lifestyle products, and AI biotech software. 


Today, as a Fractional Creative Director, I build strong brand positioning for companies and then assemble the team that ensures brand integrity across marketing creative development and tactical executions. 

Brand& makes the connection between a company’s story, the ideas that powerfully tell the story and how we share the story.


Let’s talk about the story you want to tell.

Values & Commitment

Imagination Unleashed 


Explore limitless possibilities with daring innovation.


Strive for Excellence 


Pursue the highest standards in all endeavors.


Transparent Integrity 


Uphold honesty and ethics in all we do.


Deliver Beyond Expectations 


Go above and beyond to exceed client expectations and build lasting partnerships.


Resilient Evolution 


Thrive through adaptability, no matter the environment.

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