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V&CO Brand Strategy & Identity Design




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Vanessa is a seasoned Leadership and Performance Coach and Consultant, specializing in serving the tech and healthcare sectors. As the founder of V&CO her aim is to unlock leadership potential and accelerate professional growth. As a new business, she began to test the market with brand positioning; however, to truly guide the message it was important to uncover who V&CO was as a brand to tell the story of what they stand for. Through the process of developing a brand strategy framework and corresponding visual identity their unique story came to life.

Brand Strategy

I guided her through several sessions and together we uncovered tangible outcomes. The framework included a mission statement – a call to action, inspiring meaningful change; values – the guiding principles and compass the directs decisions; brand archetype – a company’s spirit, authentic to their principles and rooted in storytelling; brand personality – a distinct character, the essence that defines how they express themselves; brand voice – a deliberate choice of language and style that influences brand perception.

Visual Identity

Using colour theory in branding and marketing is critical and has an unconscious effect on the brain and our perceptions about a brand. The right colours can convey a message without words. With a defined brand strategy in place, I explored a colour palette for the visual identity that was modern and aligned with our established brand personality and archetype. I added visual examples of how the colour palette should be used with graphics, icons and gradients. I guided an update and added technical guides to an existing logo. Finally, I used the brand’s personality to choose typography focusing on emotive responses, along with technical usability such as legibility, weight, and style.

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