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Pixel Tours Brand Strategy & Design


Pixel Tours


Moodboard, Brand Strategy & Brand Design

Pixel Tours is a technology company passionate about pursuing innovation, using new technologies to digitally transform business with VR, mobile and platform applications. They needed to establish their visual brand identity as a leader in the tech space by articulating what they stand for as a brand through their values, visual identity and brand voice.

Through a series of brand strategy sessions, I led the development of brand values that resonated with the founders, employees, and customers. By defining their values, we were drawing up a roadmap to guide the company through pivotal decisions. I further led a tone of voice and examples of the expression of that voice for a consistent and fluid writing style.

The brand design was centered around innovation with its logo representing trust, confidence and integrity through shape and colour. The icon is a broken link, representing a partnership that fulfills the missing link in digital product development. Supporting colours were chosen for their modern and bold representation of trust, confidence, curiosity and knowledge. The typography is clean with a modern font and ability to boldly capture attention when required.

Created with Midjourney.

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